We thought it would only be fair that our first blog post tells our clients about us. 

Vlad was born in Ukraine & Alla was born in Moldova, both of our parents moved to the states in the 90s. We grew up in Washington state and got married in 2005. Shortly after Vlad opened up his own business, installing tile and Alla went to college full time to become an accountant. In 2007 Vlad got his general contractor license and Motso Construction, Inc. was born specializing in bathroom & kitchen remodels.

As time passed and Motso Construction, Inc grew, most of the work was subbed out and Vlad became the Project Manager who was very picky of his subs because he knew how everything should be done and wouldn't allow anyone to take short cuts. Main source of advertising was word of mouth, since we stand behind our work 100% and will not stop working until the client is happy. In 2014 Alla joined Vlad full-time, helping with design & management some of the paperwork. Our dream was to open up a one stop shop, where clients can come and pick out materials for their projects instead of driving all over Seattle.

We were blessed with 3 wonderful boys throughout the years, who love to be outside, play sports and take road trips. 

In 2019 we decided to move to the south, and Waxhaw, NC was the perfect spot.  Close to the beach, close to the mountains, great schools with great sport programs for the boys with hopes our dream of one stop shop would come true. The only downside we had to leave our big families (Vlad has 6 brothers & 3 sisters and Alla has 2 sisters) and thriving business behind. 

Fast forward to 2020, challenging year with its own bumps in tow, but on August 7th NextGen Design & Build, Inc opened their doors to the public. A one stop shop in Indian Land, SC. where we sell everything from floors to doors and in-between including: tile, hardwood, lvp, carpet, countertops, cabinetry, hardware, stacked stone, lighting & plumbing fixtures and much more.

Starting up again is not easy but with great community in the Carolinas we are looking forward to bringing our clients dream kitchen & bathrooms to life.